Bon & Neat Cleaning

Cleaning maintenance

A clean working environment contributes to the success and quality of your business. Good hygiene protects your staff, reducing absenteeism and improving their performance.... Read more

Office cleaning

Office cleaning By cleaning maintenance we mean the daily work at your premises. This includes, for example, cleaning the sanitary facilities, wiping down desks, vacuuming and mopping... Read more

Solar panel cleaning

Like your windows & window frames, your solar panels should also be washed periodically. We recommend having solar panels professionally cleaned annually. A good rain shower will also... Read more

Facade cleaning

Façade contamination Façade contamination can take place in various ways and completely change the appearance of your façade. Especially if cleaning of the wall does not take place, the façade will look like this after the... Read more

Cleaning services

Bon & Neat Cleaning is a cleaning company that carries out various cleaning assignments for a wide range of clients. These include the cleaning of holiday homes, private residences, catering establishments, shops ... Read more

Mattress cleaning

We clean mattresses with the specially designed MattressCleaner because mattresses cannot be washed. Research shows that 95% of all mattresses, old or newer, are soiled. The mattress is... Read more

Window cleaning

You want to look good to your company's visitors and employees. Then, of course, it is important that your building is well maintained. For cleaning... Read more