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Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning

Facade pollution

Façade contamination can occur in several ways and completely change the appearance of your façade. Especially if cleaning of the wall does not take place, the façade will look like this over time
time come to look very black.

Incidentally, a change in the façade's appearance always takes place through weathering. Soiling and weathering are often mixed up. Weathering is the natural ageing of the façade as weathering affects the external wall.

Sun and shade also play a role in the demand for maintenance. Dirt sticks to it, causing your home to lose its original appearance over time.

High-pressure facade cleaning

We clean the facade without using chemicals, but with hot water at 90degrees. This eco-friendly and highly effective method effortlessly removes the worst dirt.

Cleaning the facade by blasting

Blasting is used for facades with heavy soiling, due to weathering of the stone, for example, cleaning with warm water is insufficient. In this method, water with an abrasive
mixed and then applied to the facade under appropriate pressure, the stone is like new again after blasting.


A lasting result and minimal future maintenance? Then opt for impregnation of the facade after intensive cleaning:

  1. Water-repellent
  2. Insulating
  3. Cost-saving

Any facade restoration, such as repairing damaged grouting, you can also feel free to leave to us.

Advantages of sandblasting

  1. Cleaning your facade will give your house a completely new look. The value of your home will increase and the risk of moss and dirt will be reduced.
  2. By impregnating your exterior walls, your facade will be much better protected from moisture and dirt. The advantage is that your facades will stay beautiful for much longer!
  3. Blasting your facades may slightly damage the joints, which will have to be renewed. Renewing the joints will give the entire facade a
    become a new eye-catcher for your home.