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Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning

We clean mattresses with the specially designed MattressCleaner because mattresses cannot be washed. Research shows that 95% of all mattresses, old or newer, are soiled. The mattress is the place in the house where most dust mites are found.

We take a closer look at this:

The droppings of dust and house dust mites are dispersed into the air with every movement on the mattress. The mattress acts like a bellows; the harmful excrement swirls around and ends up in your mouth, eyes, nose and on your skin. These pollutant particles are so small that your sheet offers as much protection against them as a fishing net against sand. However, the presence of dust mites does not indicate lack of hygiene! They are simply there. And mattresses simply cannot be washed. Nowadays, better quality means they also last 10 to 20 years. Imagine if you didn't clean your car, house, clothes or bedding for 10 years! How would that look? We all spend a third of our lives on a mattress. A mattress is used very intensively. You don't want to sleep on a mattress that is extremely dirty and potentially hazardous to your health. Time for a thorough cleaning.

Fast home service:
MattressCleaner eliminates the cause. Your mattress is cleaned dry and without the use of chemicals. This allows you to use your mattress again shortly after cleaning, within 1 hour. The service is provided at your home, so your mattress can stay put.


First of all, we perform a test cleaning. Here, we show you what comes out of your mattress during a 2-minute cleaning. We also carry out an ACAREX allergen test. This test shows the amount of allergy-causing substances in your mattress. This allows us to determine whether a main cleaning is necessary.

If a main cleaning is important, we use the patented 4-stage cleaning:

Phase 1
The powerful, specially designed and portable mattress cleaning system produces high-frequency vibrations. This loosens and pulverises excrement from the mattress.

Phase 2
The special vacuum suction system is placed on the mattress and captures all particles. The particles are collected in a dust bag with HEPA filter, which is specially designed to hold 99.97% of everything that is 0.3 microns and larger.

Phase 3
In this phase, you mattress is treated with UVC light, which kills dust mites, bacteria, viruses and spores. This sterilisation is completely chemical-free.

Phase 4
Finally, your mattress is sprayed with MattressClean-Spray. MatrasClean-Spray by MatrasCleaner is a unique spray that works directly against odour and neutralises allergenic dust mite droppings through regular use every week or every other week. The spray also reduces the number of times a mattress needs to be cleaned to once or twice a year.

Request test cleaning? How clean is your mattress?

Mattresses cannot be washed. And dust mites will always be there. All the more reason to have your mattress thoroughly tested for contamination by us.
MattressCleaner offers you a free test cleaning, where we clean part of your mattress and show you how much soiling it contains, Using the ACAREX allergen test determine whether further cleaning is needed. This test is without any obligation. Convince yourself and make an appointment!


Private user prices:

Children's mattress € 30,00
Single mattress € 37,50
Double mattress € 62,50
Double top-deck mattress € 52,50
Single top-deck mattress € 32,50

Carpets, rugs, (fabric) sofas, etc. can also be cleaned.

All prices include V.A.T. Different rates apply for the business market, you can request these rates via the contact form.

Also sale of anti-allergenic products for a carefree night's sleep :

Article Dimensions/content Price incl 21% VAT
The MC 60 ionisation air purifier Black or Silver680mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 239mm (D) € 169,-
MattressClean-Spray spray bottle 500 ml € 14,95
MattressClean-Spray refill bottle 1000 ml € 24,95
MattressClean-Spray refill jerrycan 5000 ml € 95,-

Anti-allergen duvets 4-seasons version:

McSleep 4-year duvet Anti Allergen 140 x 200 cm € 109,-
McSleep 4-year duvet Anti Allergen 140 x 220 cm € 119,-
McSleep 4-year duvet Anti Allergen 200 x 200 cm € 149,-
McSleep 4-year duvet Anti Allergen 240 x 200 cm € 169,-
McSleep 4-year duvet Anti Allergen 240 x 220 cm € 189,-
Anti-allergenic pillow 60 x 70 cm € 34,95

Payments before deliveries. Price changes reserved. Prices include VAT, ex shipping costs.

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