Bon & Neat Cleaning

Window cleaning

Glass cleaning

You want to look good to your company's visitors and employees. Then it is obviously important that your building is well maintained. For cleaning windows, window frames and facades, you have come to the right place. Besides the classic ladder sponge and bucket method, we can clean hard-to-reach windows and façades by using telescopic glass washing.

We use the Osmosis glass washing method. This methodology uses pure osmosis water for a streak-free surface. Due to the enormous cleaning power of pure water, without using chemical detergents (environmentally friendly), all surfaces can be cleaned.

Telescopic window washing is an ideal way to wash windows at great heights. Telescopic window washing uses a long 'telescopic pole'. This system for washing windows at great height is also known as a tucker pole. Ideal for cleaning windows in tall office buildings, for example. From the ground, our
window cleaner a telescopic pole with a brush from which osmosis water is sprayed under low pressure. This water is used to efficiently clean large windows. Therefore, with telescopic window cleaning, you are guaranteed a good and streak-free result!